References - A selection of earlier projects
2016  Pandoras Box operator for ProShop Europe.
2015 D3 operator and 3D modell creator of Malmö Opera fasade projection at new year. Content creation by Visual relief.
2015  GrandMa2 support/teaching for the Malmö Opera house during 4 productions.
2015  Lightech for "Sånger från en inställd skilsmässa" for Skåne Dansteater.
2015  Pandoras Box & Widgets Designer programmer for "The Feeling of going" at Malmö Opera.
2014  GrandMa2 programmer for "Double Take" at Malmö Opera. Show by Skånes Dansteater.
2014  Stockholm Pride for Live Meddia Group
2014  Lightech and programmer for Cabaré on tour. Malmö Opera.
2013  Pandoras Box programmer for the "The Feeling of Going" at Malmö Opera show by Skånes Dansteater.
2013  Light and set design for Mando Diao "Infruset".
2013  Tourleader and FOH for "Primater med Topplån"
2012  Light and set designer for Caligola
2012  Light design for the opening of Emporia
2012  Light design for "the Jungle books" at Nöjesteatern
2012  Light operator/programmer for the show "Köp mjölk, skriv bok" at Lunds Arena. For Anagram.
2011  Light operator for the mainstage at the Hurricane Festival. For PRG Hamburg.
2011  Light designer, "Urban Connections" at Dansens Hus Stockholm. For Lumination.
2010  Live Solutions, Light design/technician
2009  PRG, Lightdesk Operator
2008  Ongoing Mando Diao Light Designer, Touring / Contact Carlos Barth
2006  Live Media Group, Siesta Festival, Sweden Rock and more
2006  United Audio Starlight Malmöfrestival and more
2005  Stage Production at Malmö Högskola K3